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Location Map

Major Road – Sengkang Central

  • From Sengkang Grand Residences, we are:
    • 2 min from Upper Serangoon Road
    • One road away from Park Connector
    • Doorstep Buangkok MRT Station
    • Doorstep Community Centre
    • Doorstep Hawker Centre
Sengkang Central Google Map


The site is bounded by 6 important and relatable entities, namely: Compassvale Ancilla Park, Palm View Primary School, Jewel @ Buangkok, Commercial Amenities, Public Housing Developments (Trivella, Aspella), Punggol Park. The vision of this project is to integrate community development, and have a transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly development.

GFA: For non-residential GFA, a minimum 6000sqm will be for community club, 3300sqm for Hawker Centre, 3315sqm for Bus Interchange (inclusive of a 215sqm for Shop and Restaurant Use), and 1000sqm minimum for child care.

Urban Design Guideline: The Pedestrian Network is designed in a way that it is porous, legible, and sheltered. Covered walkways also fronts the main road. Through-block linkways are open 24/7. Activities are also permitted and encouraged in these open spaces.

Public Plaza: The sheltered plaza is more than 450sqm and double volume in height. It is centrally located and spread out to pedestrian links. Staging of events and exhibitions are welcomed in this public space.

Building Form and Façade: The building is designed with fluidity and welcoming in mind. The common boundary with Compassvale Ancilla park will be expanded with greens and plants.

Additional Infrastructure Upgrades: There will be road improvement works. A new 3.5m footpath will be completed in time. The existing bus stops with bays/taxi-stand/drop-off sheltered will be relocated and expanded. There will be new signal junctions.

  • Bus Interchange
    • The vehicular entrance for Bus Interchange will be along Sengkang Central. The addition of a new Bus Interchange will greatly improve the transport capacity and add value to the residents
  • Community Centre
    • The integrated community centre will be a major part of the development and the entire estate can look forward to community classes, sports halls, classrooms and functions halls.
  • Buangkok MRT
    • Buangkok MRT will be seamlessly integrated into the community spaces, creating a vibrant and spacious area.
    • Residential and Commercial Vehicular access points will be on Compassvale Bow. Additional retail and commercial elements will help support the population needs and create more dining and shopping options.
  • Hawker Centre
    • An important part of Singapore Government’s initiative, hawker centres are an integral part of Singapore’s culture and Singaporean’s diets. Additional dining options awaits at Sengkang Grand Residences!
Buangkok MRT

Important Hubs from Sengkang Grand Residences

Defu Industrial Park Rejuvenation

Defu Industrial Park will be redeveloped and its total industrial floor space will be increased significantly. The redeveloped estate will offer more jobs as well as a more attractive work environment with features such as a cycling network and an amenities centre. Residents hoping for short commutes to work can also look forward to new jobs at the upcoming Lorong Halus Industrial Park. This new-generation industrial park is targeted at light and clean industries such as food, lifestyle and logistics, and will boast a vibrant riverfront lined with lush greenery.

Defu Industrial Park

Relocation of Paya Lebar Air Base

The eventual relocation of the existing Paya Lebar Air Base from 2030 will free up approximately 800ha of free land – in perspective, it is bigger than Bishan or Ang Mo Kio. As we all know, the current height restrictions exist in the eastern swathe of Singapore to ensure navigational safety for aircraft is enforced. The relocation may mean that current low-rise buildings may be redeveloped.

Prime Minister Lee first announced this grand plan during the National Day Rally speech in 2013. He said that the land will be used to “build new homes, new offices, new factories, new parks, new living environments and new communities”.

Seletar Aerospace Park

The entire North Coast Innovation Corridor is a stretch of land that is along the North-Eastern part of Singapore , it is a combined effort planned by the URA and HDB and many other authorities to fairly distribute the economic activity and future growth potential of the nation to other parts of the land-scarce island to best attain economic growth and higher potential capacity.

The 320-hectare Seletar Aerospace Park is one of the consolidation efforts to consolidate Research and Development of the aerospace industry, which will greatly support Singapore’s vision to become a giant and strong global aviation hub. There will be over 160 hectares of specially designed land and purposefully built infrastructure to cater for the tremendous expected growth of the aerospace industry, while another half of 160 hectares will be and already is occupied by the Seletar Airport.

Seletar Aerospace Park is home to a vibrant aerospace industry cluster of over 61 Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and local aerospace enterprises, there is already a thriving community of more than 6,000 professionals, as well as a myriad of aerospace business activities. Major and critical activities carried out in this particular park include: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO); Manufacturing and assembly of aircraft engines and components; Business and general aviation; and Training and R&D activities.

Seletar Aerospace Park

Seletar Aerospace Park, Continued:

There is a spectrum of space solutions within the aerospace park to cater to the needs of MNCs, SMEs and start-ups throughout their stages of growth. JTC aeroSpace offers “plug-and-play” land-based modular spaces for companies to set up their operations quickly; and the multi-tenanted JTC Aviation One and Two provide small and medium spaces for SMEs.

The future of Singpore’s North Coast will be an enterprising economic corridor filled with creative design, innovative ideas, and poster technology. Spanning from Woodlands Regional Centre, Sembawang Estate, the future Seletar Regional Centre to the learning corridor and creative cluster at Punggol Town.

In the long run, the Seletar Regional Centre will have the potential to grow to 2.2 times the size of the Tampines Regional Centre. And conveniently located next to it is the Seletar Aerospace Park, providing a huge range of activities including staff and technical training, engineering research, and aerospace and technology development. The Seletar Regional Centre and Aerospace park is slated and planning meticulously to become a major employment node for residents and people living in the North and North East.

Bidadari Estate

Bidadari Rejuvenation

To meet housing demands for a growing population, Bidadari Estate will be developed into a new public housing estate with a distinct character and sense of history. Envisioned as a tranquil urban oasis, the planning of Bidadari Estate will build on the area’s rich heritage, cherished existing green spaces and multiple public transport links to create a garden living environment.

Serving the Bidadari Estate

  • Bidadari is connected and convenient because of the North East (Purple) and Circle (Yellow) Line. URA has termed Bidadari as a “Community Within a Garden”, and picturesque landscape and open greenery will be very much expected. Bidadari is will be a beautiful, urban oasis where all can seek calm, rest, and build a family.
  • Bidadari Park will be located right in the middle of the estate as part of the plan to extend a green lung. Alkaff Lake will be reproduced as part of the heritage recognition of the estate, and thus, a Heritage Walk will also be built as a testament to the beauty and green of the history of the Estate in Bidadari


CHIJ – Our Lady of the Nativity

Originally known as CHIJ Punggol, the school was renamed as CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity in 2001. It is one of the eleven CHIJ schools in Singapore and is located in Upper Serangoon Road, next to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Established in 1957, the school celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2017.

CHIJ Ponggol arose from Rev. Mother St John’s love for children and desire to serve the educational needs of girls residing in the Ponggol area. Rev. Mother St Johm, who was the Rev Mother Superior at that time, approached the Archbishop of Singapore who readily agreed to her proposal to set up another Convent school in Punggol, and he provided the land for the project. This led to the establishment of CHIJ Ponggol in 1957. Its first principal was Ms Mabel Dodampe and she was appointed in 1960.

The school grew quickly from just one P1 class of 38 in 1957 to 32 classes and 1216 pupils in the 1990s, and its original building was no longer adequate to  house the growing enrolment. As such, plans were drawn up for a larger school located at the former Montfort School site at Upper Serangoon Road. The new building was completed in 2001, and officially opened on 28 May 2004.

The objective of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity has always been to provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment where pupils are developed to their fullest potential and with a readiness to serve others. To achieve this, the school puts emphasis on improving its curriculum as well as facilities. To this end, it embarked on Project Dream in 2016 with the support of its Board of Governors and the Ministry of Education (Singapore), and renovation works began in 2017. When completed in early 2020, Project Dream will provide the school with an Indoor Sports Hall, an Outdoor Experiential Learning Space, a Fitness Playground and other new facilities. The enhanced facilities will better support its teaching & learning programmes

Holy Innocent High

Holy Innocents’ High School is affiliated Holy Innocents’ Primary Schooland Catholic Junior College. Students from Holy Innocents’ Primary School may gain access to the high school if they pass the PSLE, and select the high school as their first choice in the posting exercise. Students from the high school qualify for bonus points if they choose Catholic Junior College as their first choice in the admission exercise, subject to their eligibility for a JC

In June 2004, the HIHS moved to holding school at 51 Edgedale Plains. The school moved back in December 2005. On 2 June 2006, the upgraded campus was opened and blessed by Archbishop Nicholas Chia, head of the Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Singapore. The upgraded campus featured an air-conditioned hall, a chapel, an alumni room, two theatres, and a roof garden. In 2008, HIHS celebrated its 50th anniversary as a high school with a musical titled ‘I Want to Be A Star!’ In 2013, HIHS attained niche status for its journalism and broadcasting programme.

The journalism and broadcasting programme was designated as the school’s Applied Learning Programme in 2014. The school has also designated its leadership and service learning programmes as the school’s Learning for Life Programme in 2015. The school completed the building of its Indoor Sports Hall in 2017, along with the setting up of an eco-garden and other green areas over the years. HIHS celebrated the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Holy Innocents’ school in 2017, with the setting up of a time capsule and a newly designed heritage gallery in 2017.

Food, Entertainment and Shopping Centre

Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall is the family mall that has been serving the residents for many years, the mall underwent several renovations and shops are always kept relevant, it is very popular and well-loved for the residents here. It is also not overcrowded and have many tenants to serve the needs of the estate

In 2006, the mall underwent renovation; it transformed part of the second level, formerly occupied by NTUC FairPrice, into a food cluster. The mall previously had renovations done on the fifth level.

Before renovations, a food court stood on the fifth floor. Now, a playground (on the roof which offers a good view of the surrounding HDB flats), and some other shops are on the fifth floor while the food court was shifted to level 4 to the area which previously housed the NTUC Club.

NEX Shopping Centre

Nex is a regional shopping mall in Serangoon, within the North-East Region of Singapore. The largest mall in North-East Singapore and one of the largest suburban malls in the country, and is integrated with the air-conditioned Serangoon Bus Interchange and Serangoon MRT Station. Anchor Tenants includes Fairprice Xtra 24 hours, Isetan, Serangoon Public Library, Shaw Theatres. Junior Tenants includes Anytime Fitness, Cold Storage, Courts, Food Junction, Food Republic, H&M, Kiddy Palace, Popular, Shokutsu 10, Uniqlo.

Nex Shopping Centre

Heartland Mall

Heartland Mall is a shopping mall in Singapore. A relatively small shopping mall in comparison with other malls, it serves the neighbourhood of Kovan. It consists of four floors, with the fourth level occupied only by tuition centres

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